2024 eCTF

2024 Challenge

In the 2024 eCTF, teams will teams will design and implement a supply chain security solution for microcontrollers on a medical device. The system must securely verify the device integrity while keeping sensitive data confidential.

The 2024 competition will run from January 17th through April 17th with an award ceremony on April 26th.

For more information or to join the email list, reach us at ectf@mitre.org.

Important Dates

January 17: Kickoff

The details of the competition will be announced in a welcome video and the rules will be released to all teams. Make sure you are on the competition Slack workspace to receive all documents.

February 1: Last Day to Register a Team

Registration will close on February 1, so make sure you register your team at https://share.hsforms.com/1x7FA0gkqRnOAnfsYxAd5Wg4m7ji.

February 28: Handoff Begins

Starting February 28, teams may begin to turn in their design to the eCTF organizers for testing to move into the Attack Phase. Only teams who meet all functional requirements, have implemented non-trivial countermeasures to meet security requirements, and meet all other rules will be allowed into the Attack Phase. Make sure you’re testing your design early and often to ensure quick entry to the Attack Phase!

April 17: Scoreboard Close

At noon EST on April 17, the scoreboard will close and the scores will be finalized. All captured flags must be uploaded and their write ups documented before the scoreboard close to be counted.

April 22: Poster Session

On April 24, all teams will be invited to a virtual Poster Session featuring posters created by your fellow competitors. Teams submitting posters will be eligible to receive points for the quality of the poster and demonstration as judged by a panel of subject matter experts from MITRE and the eCTF sponsors.

April 26: Award Ceremony

Competitors, organizers, and sponsors will celebrate the completion of the competition and the winners of the 2024 eCTF will be announced in a hybrid event. Top teams will be invited to attend the ceremony in-person, with travel scholarship opportunities available. More details to come.


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