2023 eCTF

2023 Challenge

In the 2023 eCTF, teams designed and implemented a key fob system for a car door lock. The system had to protect the car from unauthorized entry and prevent attacks like replays and key fob cloning.

The 2023 competition ran from January 18th through April 19th with an award ceremony on April 26th.

For more information or to join the email list, reach us at ectf@mitre.org.

Important Dates

January 18: Kickoff Sponsored by Fortinet
Thank you to our Kickoff Sponsor Fortinet

The details of the competition will be announced in a welcome video and the rules will be released to all teams. Make sure you are on the competition Slack workspace to receive all documents.

February 1: Last Day to Register a Team
Registration will close on February 1, so make sure you register your team at https://forms.office.com/g/rLaXwSBpdk.
February 15: Last Day to Register a Competitor
The individual competitior registration will close on February 15, so make sure every competitior on your team has registered by then. Individuals who do not register by the deadline will be removed from the competition and ineligible for prizes. Ask your team advisor for the link to the competitor registration. All competitors under 18 must print out the Participant Agreement, have their parents sign, and email a PDF of it to ectf@mitre.org with the subject line “eCTF Participation Agreement”.
March 1: Handoff Begins
Starting March 1, teams may begin to turn in their design to the eCTF organizers for testing to move into the Attack Phase. Only teams who meet all functional requirements, have implemented non-trivial countermeasures to meet security requirements, and meet all other rules will be allowed into the Attack Phase. Make sure you’re testing your design early and often to ensure quick entry to the Attack Phase!
April 19: Scoreboard Close
At noon EST on April 19, the scoreboard will close and the scores will be finalized. All captured flags must be uploaded and their write ups documented before the scoreboard close to be counted.
April 26: Award Ceremony Sponsored by Fortinet
Thank you to our Award Ceremony Sponsor Fortinet

Competitors, organizers, and sponsors will celebrate the completion of the competition and the winners of the 2023 eCTF will be announced in a hybrid event. Top teams will be invited to attend the ceremony in-person, with travel scholarship opportunities available. More details to come.

eCTF Resources

This section will be regularly updated with the most recent competition documents as they are released. Please join the eCTF Slack workspace for live competition communications; your team advisor will have the link to add you to the space.

2023 eCTF Results

Full List of 2023 eCTF Scores
Rank School Final Score
1 Carnegie Mellon University 28158
2 University of California Santa Cruz 17167
3 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 12586
4 University at Buffalo 11885
5 Indian Institute of Technology Madras 11346
6 Purdue University 10419
7 Michigan State University 8680
8 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 8576
9 University of Massachusetts Amherst 5899
10 Singapore Management University 5210
11 Tufts University 4676
12 Virginia Tech 4052
13 University of New Haven 4044
14 Texas A&M University 3985
15 Florida Atlantic University 3969
16 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 1 3816
17 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 2 3743
18 University of Washington 3334
19 Morgan State University 2620
20 University of California Irvine 1897
21 Delaware Area Career Center 1562
22 University of North Dakota 1375
23 US Air Force Academy 1328
24 ISD 196 525
25 Georgia Institute of Technology 491
26 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 436
26 River Hill High School 436
28 University of Connecticut 431
29 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology 425
30 Clemson University 400
31 Florida International University 391
32 Marriotts Ridge High School 389
33 Symbiosis Institute of Technology 336
34 University of Dayton 325
35 Air Force Institute of Technology 300
35 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University 300
37 University of Alabama in Huntsville 250
38 United States Military Academy 231
39 Indiana Institute of Technology 228
39 The Harker School 228
41 Thadomal Shahani Engineering College  225
41 Lakota East High School 225
41 Louisiana State University 225
41 University of Maryland College Park 225
45 Norfolk State University 213
46 BASIS Chandler 200
46 Baldwin Wallace University 200
48 Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School 191
48 University of Edinburgh 191
50 Mount Saint Dominic Academy 189
51 New York University 183
51 Penn State Abington 183
51 West Virginia University 183
55 University of New Hampshire 150
56 Springfield-Clark County CTC 136
57 University of Arizona 131
57 University of Texas at Arlington 131
59 Harmony Science Academy 128
60 North Carolina State University 113


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